Kelio Analytics Job Costing Software

Kelio Analytics Job Costing Software

Improve Job Costing & Cost Centre Analysis with Kelio   KELIO's Time and Attendance Systems can include a Job Costing Solution to analyse the cost of each activity.

Kelio Staff Planning System

Kelio Staff Planning System

Improve Employee Scheduling With Kelio Planning Software moduleReal Time Workforce Planning for your Organisation The Staff Planning Time and Attendance Software Module enables you to plan activities, jobs or shifts in a graphical and more efficient manner. It is...

Kelio Xtrem Terminal

Kelio Xtrem Terminal

Kelio Xtrem Robust Clocking Terminal – The Durable Clocking in Terminal Designed For All Working Conditions Designed and manufactured by KELIO, the Kelio Xtrem Clocking In Terminal has been created to enable your staff to clock in on site even in extreme environments....

Fire Roll Call System

Fire Roll Call System

Simplify Your Fire Evacuation System By Tracking Evacuees At Assembly Points Using Your Smartphone In the event of a fire on your premises, the critical factors are evacuation speed and accurate roll call so you know everyone is safe and accounted for. Bodet’s Fire...

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Factors And How A Time & Attendance Solution Can Support Them Bodet’s modern Time & Attendance Solutions are uniquely placed to support the main factors of Employee Engagement, in addition to increasing productivity and reducing...

Bodet’s Kelio Absence Management Software For HR

Bodet’s Kelio Absence Management Software For HR

Streamline Absence Management And Reduce HR Administration With Kelio SoftwareTime Management Software is vital for your organisation Absence planning in your workplace enables you to: Increase productivity. Avoid the cost of hiring replacement workers. Reduce HR...

Self-Service Employee Time Tracking

Self-Service Employee Time Tracking

Empower Your Employees And Reduce HR Administration With Employee Self-ServiceBodet’s Self Service Solution for HR The Employee Self-Service Software Module empowers your staff, giving them more control and allowing them keep better track of their attendance data. It...

Smartphone Clocking In For Your Mobile Workforce

Smartphone Clocking In For Your Mobile Workforce

Time And Attendance Solutions On Your Web-Enabled Mobile Devices With KELIO Mobile Time & Attendance System employees can clock in and out in real time and make absence requests whilst on the move. The tool also enables employers to approve absence requests when...

Workforce Management For Remote Working

Workforce Management For Remote Working

Time & Attendance Solutions For A Homeworking Or Hybrid Workforce Bodet’s Time & Attendance Systems are designed to support remote working, making it easy for both your employees and managers to access workforce functions whilst maintaining staff visibility...

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  • complex work time management
  • shifts, breaks and absences
  • real time monitoring
  • report templates and custimisable reports
  • anomaly management

Kelio Security

  • access management and supevision
  • customisable access rights
  • list all persons present on site in the event of an incident
  • multi-site services provision, supervised centrally

Kelio HR Assistant

  • comprehensive HR data management
  • full range of professional and personal data storage
  • an HR event reminder linked to your email system (Outlook)

Kelio Planning

  • efficient planning of employees adapted to your work
  • organise your activities
  • helps you to follow planned and completed results
  • colorful and user friendly

Kelio Analytics

  • automation of analysis
  • data management by employee or by groups
  • iproves your productivity by making better decisions

Kelio Employee Self Service

  • Android & iOS compatible
  • easy to use for off-site staff
  • staff can declare their hours retrospectively 

  • easy to declare the time spent on activities and cost centres                                         

Kelio Visitor

  • creation of different visitor profiles
  • Implementation of specific reception procedures
  • rapid identification of scheduled visitors 
  • traceability of visits                                                                                          

Kelio Multi Company

  • management of several companies on the same Kelio software
  • store and filter (select) the settings per company
  • define the user rights per company            

And a lots of any other useful option!


Integrate absence management into your work time monitoring

Aside from attendance time, our time and attendance management software calculates and integrates all different absence types: paid leave, RTT (reduced working time allowance), sickness, etc.
Kelio gives your employees full autonomy to view their accounts and to submit their requests.

The software calculates variable payroll data and offers you comprehensive monitoring of your organisation.

Reliable system for your payroll preparation

Kelio Time & Attendance management software provides a simpler way to prepare your payslips. Kelio will calculate and automatically transfer the variable data related to work time (totals, absences, special hours, overtime, bonuses, etc.) to your payroll software. This means you can dispense with manual data input, which is time-consuming and a potential source of errors. Payroll calculation is faster and more reliable.

Our software is compatible with over 150 payroll applications, including those from the following software publishers: Sage®, ADP®, Cegid®, Sopra®, Sigma Informatique®, Nibelis®, Gestion de la paie.com, Talentia Software®, e-Paye, etc.

Award winning ultra-customisable clocking terminals

The new Kelio Visio terminals are the result of a near-impossible challenge: to design a new clocking terminal in keeping with the ever-changing requirements of Human Resources departments.

User-friendly terminal













 Kelio Access: the complete system for controlling access to buildings

Comprehensive system to control access and secure your premises, so you can:


Control and filter access

Specify customised access rights

Set access rights according to your staff work schedule, linking in with time and attendance management

List all persons present on site in the event of an incident

Monitor buildings using video surveillance

Manage energy usage, in line with authorised access and working time