Automatic and GDPR compliant fever measurement

Identification of infected persons is crucial in order to permanently reduce the risk of spreading viral diseases and sustain business continuity. Today this is mainly done manually with an infrared thermometer at the gate or main entrance and companies need to dedicate one person for this task.

Automatic fever measurement
Fever measurement

To avoid result manipulation and meet GDPR compliance requirements E-Lock is introducing a new way of fever measurement. Please check details on our website

There are a couple of problems with this solution:

  1. GDPR compliance is not ensured. The person who oversees the fever measurement can see the result and also can share that with anyone else
  2. The result of the measurement could be manipulated depending on the relationship between the person and the employee
  3. The evaluation of the result and the action based on that is depending on the person oversees the measurement.


E-Lock Systems introduces an innovative solution giving answers on these problems:

Key features of the KENTIX Fever Measurement system:

  • secure: exact, contactless measurement,
  • EU-GDPR conform operation
  • Self-explanatory user guidance
  • fast: Throughput up to 700 persons/hour
  • Manipulation protection through intelligent thermal image analysis
  • Stand alone operation or manual or automated inlet control possible
  • Provision of anonymous measurement data for hotspot detection
  • efficient plug & play installation through PoE connection

If you require further information do not hesitate to contact us!

Fever measurment