Biometric identification

The technology used for biometric identification has developed rapidly in recent years, in case of the most high-tech, premium category products entry now takes less than a second.

Fingerprint entry with time and attendance software that meets all needs

There are several types of access control systems available in the market, with certain advantages and disadvantages. In Hungary, access card systems are the most common. However, the access cards can be misplaced or stolen.

The biometric clocking in system provides higher safety and reliability by using an impression of the fingerprint pattern which is compared against the profile which is stored in the system. The unique identification process offers an even more reliable solution than a key or code driven one as it leaves no space for misuse.

The products we offer can be linked to any company’s system, and it contains fast and realiable reading terminals. The terminals are driven by a software and offer a complete time and attendance system and / or works as an access control solution for the whole company.

The fingerprint

We do not store biometric fingerprints to ensure GDPR compliance!

How does this work then?



Fingerprints are completely unique to every individual person and they do not change over time (unless there is a severy injury). A fingerprint is an impression made by the papillary ridges on the ends of the fingers and thumbs. A complete human fingerprint contains around 100 minutiae points. Fingerprint readers only identify 30-60 of these during the comparison process.


When a fingerprint is added into the system an optical sensor records a „picture” and converts it to digital data by storing some of the characteristic structures. This means that only the reference points of fingerprints are used which are then turned into codes by using a special algorhytm. There is no way do dycript this code.


Currently a number of access control systems are available on the market each with their own advantages and disadvantages. In Hungary the majority of the companies are using badges / cards. Misplacing and misuse of these cards are very common. The biometric system is meant to even out this gap by using an entirely safe system for identification and comparing the incoming fingerprint pattern againts the stored


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