Az e-Lock Systems Kft. a több, mint 100 éves múltra visszatekintő francia Bodet vállalat hivatalos partnere!

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The Bodet Group has been in the time measurement business since 1868, when French clock-maker Paul Bodet first made his famous “Tower Clock”. Since then, the company has expanded from clock-making into IT-based Time and Attendance & Access Control Systems. Bodet export it’s products into 60 countries worldwide.

About us

E-lock Systems Kft has been established in 2015 coming up with revolutionary solutions by offering access control systems based on biometric technology which came hand in hand with a simple time measurement software.

In 2017 Bodet has approached E-lock Systems Kft and a smooth cooperation has started. We were very impressed by the sophisticated and fully customisable solutions Bodet has to offer therefore it was a pleasure to join their circle of distributors catering for Hungary, Austria, Romania and Slovakia.


Our focus

By now our main focus has shifted to Time and attendance management. There is a wide variety of company sizes within our clients ranging from micro companies employing just a few, or corporates, employing thousand of people.

As our software is a modular one we can taylor it to the specific needs of each and every company regardless of the industry while closely considering the individual company’s budget.


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Attila Szilágyi

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Anita Németh


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