Time & attendance and access control system

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There is a number of ways your company can benefit from using a Time and attendance and access control system.

To name a few:

  • real-time monitoring of attendance
  • shift, break and absence supervision
  • virtual clocking for those who work remotely
  • absence request and validation
  • document management of human resources
  • storing and handling of employees’ personal data
  • complete resource planning and tracking – by projects or hours broken down to tasks, cost centers or clients
  • visitor management through terminals

Why choose Kelio?

  • We have a reference of 5 million users all over the world who are choosing Kelio daily regardless of their company size and the industry they represent
  • 30 years of international experience in the field of Time and attendance and access control systems
  • A group of 80 developers and a 40 person support team is always on hand to maximise customer satisfaction and user experience
  • Modular and scalable system from small companies to a workforce of up to ten thousand people
  • High level of integrity with other companies’ payroll and corporate governance systems
  • Logically built and easy to use web-based platform which is accessible from any device that handles browser
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Implementing Time and Attendance systems:

  • Get in touch with us on the below form or via e-mail at info@e-lock.hu
  • Our colleagues will contact you shortly to assess your needs and present you an interactive and customized demonstration where you get the chance to get to know how Kelio can serve your company – this can happen online or during a live session
  • In case you want to proceed, we will provide you with an offer that contains the introduction and installation costs of the time and attendance system
  • Once the contract has been signed you will be provided with a dedicated project manager who will guide you through the stages and phases of system implementation which might take up to 1 to 3 months depending on the size of the company, the structure of the organization, and the complexity of the solution you have purchased.

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HR Assistant

Complete and transparent document handling within the same software

Further informations:
  • Efficient management of employees’ data such as:
    career, trainings, skills, personal documents, relations
  • Document management platform enables the users to attach files like contracts, evaluations, letters, medical and birth certificates
  • Pre-set and customizable reports
  • Event monitoring with automated e-mail generation
  • Real-time anomaly monitoring

Resource planning

Real-time workforce planning for the whole company

Further informations:
  • Efficient planning of shifts, activities, and positions
  • User-friendly, transparent graphic platform
  • Easily adapts to the legal requirements: certain shifts and posts will be filled by the most suitable employee
  • Optimized workforce planning
  • Providing real-time data helps with immediate amendments of planning in case of unforeseen events

Payroll Interface / data export

Quick and easy data exchange between Kelio and the payroll software

Further informations:

It is possible to migrate data* from Kelio to the payroll software.

*Migration of data such as daily and periodical totals, days of paid and unpaid leave, overtime and other special hours, annual balances, and so on.


Absence management:

Seamless absence management with customizable filters

Further informations:

Absence management helps to avoid:

  • The decrease in productivity,
  • The cost of outsourcing or employee lending
  • The overload of administrational work for HR

Having a clear overview of employee absences helps:

  • To meet the legal requirements
  • Business continuity (by workforce planning)


Analysing cost of employees, cost centers

Further informations:
  • Reliable cost analysing and planning solution that helps with the planning and monitoring of the activities
  • Reports to track the actual worked hours for a specific cost center by certain departments
  • Payroll cost is easily predictable for the future while previous payroll costs are precisely calculated by the module
  • Easy to separate the productive and the support type working hours

Support for your decisions

Efficient and quick data processing, customisable reports

Further informations:
  • mirroring of attendance database to provide the safety of data
  • flexible and precise data synchronization
  • compatible with Firebird, SQL, and Oracle

Access management:

user-friendly access management in both time & attendance and access control modules

Further informations:
  • Sophisticated access rights setting to the administrators/managers/employees
  • GDPR compliance system
  • ISO 27001 certificate

Efficient communication within the organisation

Employee self service platform to decrease the administrational workload of the HR team

Further informations:

The employee can:

  • Keep track of their working hours
  • Monitor their balances (such as annual leave)
  • Send absence request

Due to the availability of these functions of the employee self-service platform the HR team has less administration to deal with and can:

  • Save time to focus on the areas that increase the efficiency of the company as employees are not queueing in the office with their questions
  • More easily contact the employees in case they need them to provide data or documentation

HR efficiency and employee loyalty can both be increased by the use of an employee self-service platform.